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About Karnataka Tourism

Karnataka is located in the southwestern region of India. It is a rich state, rich in culture & heritage as well as the diversity of its landscape. Larger than life palaces fascinate you as much as the beaches & hill stations, all of which are an intrinsic part of Karnataka tourism places. It attracts sightseeing lovers as much as adventure enthusiasts. It also boasts a glorious past which is evident in its forts, palaces and ancient towns, one example of which is the illustrious Vijayanagara Empire. 

But Karnataka’s fascination also extends to its hill stations which are major tourist attractions like Chikmagalur, quiet relaxed beaches and temples like Virupaksha and Vitthala, that stand as a testimony to the architectural perfection achieved in the past. This is why a holiday in Karnataka is a getaway to complete delight, rife with adventures, sightseeing and entertainment!.

Karnataka Tourism

Diverse Destinations

Top Things to Do & See on Your Trip to Karnataka

Wildlife Safari Tour

Karnataka is not only the historical monuments boasting state with affluent past. It is also a great place to enjoy natural beauty and serenity. With the forested areas like Nagarhole, Bandipur, and Ranganathittu, Karnataka attracts hordes of wildlife and nature lovers from all over the world. These well known reserves boast assorted species of exotic flora and fauna.

This 12 Nights and 13 Days of itinerary to Karnataka Wildlife Tour is an ideal schedule for travellers to get drenched in nature’s bounty and explore wilderness. The major highlights of the trip are visiting zoo in Bennarghatta National Park in Bangalore, exploring Mysore Palace, enjoying bird watching in Ranganathittu, carrying out wildlife safari in Nagarhole, Viewing wildlife in Bandipur National Park, and strolling around tea plantations in Ooty.

Jain Temple Tour

Jain temples are known since ages for providing utter peace and serenity to the mind of devotees. The Jain Temples of Karnataka are well known for architecture brilliance of ancient era and providing the tourists with spirituality. This 02 nights and 03 days itinerary will help in taking the travellers to a tour to the Jain Temples of Karnataka. The major destinations covered in this tour package are Sravanabelagola, Halebid, Belur, Chikmagalur, Sringeri, Humcha, and Shimoga.

The tour starts from Bangalore and then it takes the traveller to Shravanbelagola that is highly famous for its mammoth monolithic statue of Bhagwan Bahubali on a hill top. Sringeri is the site of first Matha edified by Adi Shankaracharya. This region is positioned on the banks of Tunga River. In addition, the tour also incorporates visiting Sakrebylu Elephant Camp that boasts a number of elephants that are well trained by experienced Mahouts. In short, the tour makes the tourists visit the beautiful Karnataka Jain Temples in an unsurpassed way.

Classical Tour

Soothing the ears of every traveller with its Carnatic Music, Karnataka is a place for not only the virtuosos but nature lovers and history buffs as well. The destinations like Mysore, Hassan, etc., are the symbols of ancient architectural brilliance, affluent past and extents of nature’s pulchritude. This 07 Days and 08 Nights of itinerary takes the tourists on a tour to some of the most magnificent tourist destinations of Karnataka.

This tour is planned to take the tourists to splendid palaces of Mysore and to the ruggedness of Hampi ruins. The major highlights of the trip are visiting Bangalore Palace, exploring the magnificent royal and soaring Mysore Palace, visiting temples in Belur and Halebi along with savouring the rugged ruins of Hampi. In short, the tour makes the tourists explore Karnataka with inclusiveness and effortlessness.

Chikmagalur Temple

Chikmagalur is a beautiful and serene town located in the state of Karnataka. This pristine located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range is famous for beautiful and consecrated temples built in the primeval epoch and boasting beautiful structural design as well. Hordes of tourists swarm to these temples in order to drench themselves in the spirituality and tranquility. The areas in the proximity to this town are also teemed with ancient and magnificent temples.

This 03 Nights and 04 Days itinerary is well designed to cover all the major temples located in Chikmagalur and also incorporates the destinations that are easily accessible from this town. The major destinations covered in the itinerary are Belur, Chikmagalur, Hiremagalur, Sringeri, Kigga, Hariharapur, Shakatapuram, Balehonnur, Horanadu, Halebid, and Belavadi. The major highlights of this trip are exploring the sacred temples such as Belur Temple, Chennakesava Temple, Kodandarama Temple, Rishya Shringeshwara Temple, and Sri Rambhapuri Mutt. The tour starts from Bangalore.