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MICE Tour Packages

Nothing to do with pest control, everything to do with business-minded travel. Put simply, MICE tour packages stands for Meetings, Incentives, conferences & Exhibitions. It is Travel12Go business tourism at its finest, aimed at bringing together top professionals from every sector in an enhanced, tailor-made hospitality setting.


What is MICE Tour Operators ?


MICE tour operators organize office meetings and office tour at affordable packages. Meetings are typically held in hotel conference rooms or at convention centers. MICE tour packages are best packages for office gathering They are single-day events that bring together a group of professionals to address a key challenge or set goals for the organization.


Incentives are travel rewards a company may provide in return for excellent professional performance from individual employees, groups or partners. A few days in a resort, hotel or popular hospitality venue at your company’s expense does wonders for employee loyalty.


Conferences take meetings to the next level and are designed for a large corporate group to share knowledge across several days. They often include not only key members of the organization, but also guest speakers and the general public.


Exhibitions are essentially trade shows where an organization promotes its key products and services to the public. They are hyper-focused events that drum up business and help employees to network and build lasting professional relationships.