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Dealers Meet Organizer

The dealers meet is an important business step. Travel12go take this event seriously our dealers meet organizer arrange whole event at Dealer meet event different dealers of various organizations and industries participate as they are awarded for their success in respective sectors. Our event organizers take care of refreshments and seating arrangements of guests, our managing team look after guests comfort. We develop environment so that everything seems properly managed. Our approach towards every events is in a professional manner, our main aim is that our guests should be satisfied.

dealer meet organizers

Dealers Meet Assistance Services

Our Dealer meet assistance divide the whole event into tasks like welcoming of guests, entrance, refreshments and seating arrangements. Our corporate meet organizers do the whole planning of events and execute the whole innovative program in proper manner. Our Dealer meet management team plan the whole event according the given budget in a cost effective manner, we also provide necessary support like transportations and accommodations for our attending guests.   

Distributors Meet Organiser

We provide a Distributors meet organizer for  distributors meet events. Our professional team will manage the whole event and be your main contact for the duration of your event. Stay in direct contact with us at all times, both before and during the events by our organizers. List the current dealers that you want to invite and we’ll take care of the rest.

We are a distributor meeting organizer company. We provide organizers for distributors’ events. Meet Assistances: 

1.Assist with registrations and guest list 

2. Sell the dinners 

3. Rent your badges and answer the cashier questions 

4.Gift boxes

Distributors meet events