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Andhra Pradesh Tourism

On the solid pillars of natural resources, rich culture and history, Andhra Pradesh promulgate itself as an imposing tourist destination in India. The state is the responsible curator of some unique and some beautiful and lesser known destinations. Andhra’s varied cultural heritage is visible in its monuments like the Buddhist site at Nagarjunakonda and hilltop Hindu temple at Tirupati.

The state has distinctive handicrafts and includes ikat textile, pearl jewellery and metal bidri work. Offering beaches along the Bay of Bengal, several picturesque temples and ancient caves is Vishakhapatnam, which is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. The meandering river Godavari sanctifies the state and offer beautiful town Rajahmundry on its eastern embankment. Lush paddy fields and sugarcane plantations characterize a beautiful countryside as well. A picturesque setting can also be witnessed on the northern bank of River Krishna where another popular sightseeing place called Vijayawada is situated.

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Araku Valley Tourism

Araku Valley is a comparatively unexplored hill station mostly visited by locals as a weekend getaway and is situated some 120 kilometres away from Vishakhapatnam. If you’re a tourist looking for exclusivity and tranquillity, Vistadome train leaves Vishakhapatnam at 6.50 AM, making way through 58 tunnels and passing over 84 bridges making way through the breathtaking landscape to reach Araku in approximately in 5 hours, go, catch that!

Located in the gentle hills of Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is also home to a number of tribes as well. This valley is also home to a few tribal caves and the Museum of Tribal Arts, which are an experience in their own right. This destination is quite famous for its exquisite coffee, whose subtle aroma will have you craving for a cuppa. In addition to being a beautiful vista point, you can also try your hand at a number of adventure sports here, which include trekking and swimming as well. If a holiday to the hills is your call but you think you’ve seen it all, maybe you should to wait till you visit this one.

Vijayawada Tourism

Nestled on the banks of River Krishna in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is the second-largest populated city in the state. Known as the ‘commercial, political and media capital of Andhra Pradesh’, the city is one of the most rapidly growing urban cities in India. Covered by hills and canals, Vijayawada is also home to numerous caves and rock-cut temples carved out of these caves.

Vijayawada is an amalgamation of the old world and the new; the air echoes with the clanking of temple bells mixed with the cacophony of traffic, the ancient monuments stand in perfect harmony with the modern architecture of the metro city. Among the most popular places to visit in Vijayawada are Bhavani Island, Victoria Museum, Hazratbal Mosque, Rajiv Gandhi Park, and Kolleru Lake etc., in addition to the host of temples and several caves. Other than this, the city is mostly a base to explore the nearby attractions like the Undavalli Caves, Kondapalli Fort, and Mangalagiri Hill etc.

Anantapur Tourism

Anantapur Tourism

“The Heritage Haven of Andhra”

Anantapuram is the headquarters of Anantapur District in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Anantapuram is not a cosmopolitan city. Neither is it a village. It is one of those towns in transition, that is at the confluence of the past and the future. Anantapuram reverberates with flashes of India’s glorious history and the true ethnic traditions and values of India. Interestingly, Anantapur receives the second-lowest rainfall in India.

Anantapur has seen the rule of many empires, but the Vijayanagar Empire has had a greater impact on it. It is said that the place has derived its name from ‘Anaatasagaram’, a big tank, which translates into ‘Endless Ocean’. Chikkavodeya, the minister of the Vijayanagar King, Bukka-I constructed the town of Anaatasagaram and Bukkarayasamudram.

Guntur Tourism

“The Land of Chillies”

Known as the Land of Chillies, Guntur is famous for its massive chilli market yard in Asia. It is the third most populous town in Andhra Pradesh located at a distance of 30kms from the newly coined capital Amaravathi.

With a busy industrial scenario, Guntur forms part of the prominent Vishakhapatnam-Guntur Industrial corridor. It is also renowned as a textile and transport hub in India. Once home to numerous great dynasties, the city also takes credit in housing the only Buddhist pilgrimage site in South India – the Nagarjunakonda, and the captivating relics of Amravati Caves. Today, it is more known for its industrial growth in exports of chilli products around the globe. An ideal weekend getaway from Hyderabad, Guntur is sure to entice the history buff and the industry expert in you.

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